Game Plan Financial Advisors, LLC

"Experience A Different Kind of Advisory Relationship"

The Game Plan

  • Discovery: Through an interview process we try to uncover the facts and feelings surrounding an individual or entity's unique situation.Based on the information gleaned in the discovery process, we then determine and explain what level of risk a client needs to take to realistically reach their objectives.


  • Game Plan: Using what is known in the industry as an Investment Policy Statement, we will develop a formal, long-range, strategic plan which serves as the "Game Plan." Our Portfolio Managers will then use this Game Plan to focus their investment decisions such that they contribute to the overall financial plan.


  • Communication and Review: Communication between client and Advisor is an essential component of any successful advisory relationship. Portfolios are monitored daily, and Advisors are available daily to discuss client portfolios. Clients receive quarterly statements from Game Plan as well as their account custodian. Game Plans will be formally reviewed at least annually, and any necessary changes will be made at this time.


  • Evaluation: We will evaluate performance against appropriate industry benchmarks.
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